Rainy days at Yokohama English Garden

Just a few hours before the last typhoon hit Yokohama, we headed to the Yokohama English Garden and were surprised by a rain shower. The garden was almost empty due to the weather, but a few other people were as crazy as us, taking photos of the flowers covered in raindrops. It's actually quite challenging [...]


Lantern Festival in Kamakura

Kamakura is an ancient city famous for its' beaches and temples, especially the Giant Buddha (Daibutsu). Our first time to visit Kamakura marked the day of the lantern festival, and after watching a beautiful sunset on the beach, we headed to the temples. Goryo Shrine is located closest to the beach and situated right next [...]

Minatomirai – beautiful in the day, spectacular at night

Minatomirai 21 is Yokohama's new urban central business district and probably the most popular place for sightseeing in Yokohama. The name 'Minatomirai 21' was selected in a public poll and means 'Port of the future in the 21st century'. It's the perfect place for shopping, relaxing, photography strolls, visiting museums and even for a roller [...]

Vietnamese egg coffee

I was so happy when I spotted Cafe Giang in Yokohama's Chinatown, as this was our favourite place in Hanoi for egg coffee! Having an egg coffee was a routine whilst on holiday in Vietnam in February and became one of our fondest memories, especially of Hanoi. When we returned from our holiday, we even [...]

Yokohama: A City of Natural Beauty, A City for All Seasons

Today, I would like to share this video with you, 'YOKOHAMA: A City of Natural Beauty, A City for All Seasons' which has recently been released by Yokohama Official Visitors Guide. This video shows the pretty side of Yokohama in the Minatomirai (the harbour) area of Yokohama. Hope you enjoy this video as you get [...]

こんにちは from Yokohama!

It's already been five weeks since we've moved to Yokohama and this is our first post writing about our move, our first impressions and also revealing our new place of residence to our readers. Moving to Yokohama was a completely different decision than moving to Shanghai, as last time round we just jumped into the [...]